Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Aggressive Play

Due to high betting by the aggressive counterparts to control their opponents and a wrong self-perception that they are strong players misleads them to make moves that are unprofitable over the long run. The best proven method is to bet and make an upbeat call rather than following the blind play method. Actions should be supported by reasons. The decision on when to be aggressive and when not be is important. The fold equity principle can be followed by resorting to blind play when the hand is not good for betting. A semi blind play can be resorted to when there is a high chance of acquiring the best hand.


  1. I think aggressive playing is not the one .. to go with

  2. I agree with you, a poker player should know how to balance the aggressive attack with the defensive, this is what makes a great player stand out, the perfect understanding of all the situations, originality and improvisation. I think that an aggressive type of play is not bad at all, especially when the situation asks for it. Anyhow, one must exercise every tactic and decide which one goes best. I wish all players good luck.