Saturday, October 3, 2009

Poker Tell : Basic Meaning

Generally people will discuss usually about this “tell” . It’s not “tell me-- what you want” but when you see other poker player “ if you observe that player will scratch his ear, that’s called as bluffing. This is the tell for any poker player to learn. Knowing the other players hand is called as Poker tell. Reading player's mind and figuring out is what is called as poker tell. If you want to know from basic poker tells then you refer my previous posts. So that you can discover all things of your opponents. Poker Player can be called as “DONKEY”,a bad player who does all bad poker plays. It’s also shortened to “donk”, which means the player will play badly or planning to be bad. Ok now!! tel me frankly ... How many of you faced donkeys?? Not animals Bad POKER Players. I Suggest people not to play with this type of players.

Poker tell is an art it's is not easy as playing poker

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  1. we can learn so many poker tells from live matches