Friday, October 2, 2009

Poker Tell :Opponent player

A good poker player must have an ability to read the opponent poker player at the table. so with this kind of things the word "Poker tells" came into existence. what do u think about "tell"-- can be of opponent player behaviour, player reaction, knowing the hand of opponents. If you are familiar with common tells, then you can easily know your own behaviour and can control your body language, so that secrets cannot be revealed,can also watch for tics and habits in the poker players at the table. If you predict the opponent's Poker Tells,can make the perfect decisions against poker players and their is a scope for winning huge money. Each and Every one has their own unique tells and tics, can watch individuals poker players and react on theor unique tells.

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  1. Poker tells can be very helpful, if we understand the feelings of the opponent players