Saturday, October 3, 2009

Online Poker tells -2

Suppose players bets instantly before his turn comes,which implies it’s a good indication that he is interested in betting. Online poker tells that, which means the player is playing has a big hand like AA,KK,JJ,QQ or probably a big draw. And the most important thing is that , if the instant bettors are around you then it’s stage of continuation bet, bet timing tell is not meaningful, however 5 players see’s the flop and the third player will bet instantly though he might be playing with best hand. So, it’s better to play with few hands against your opponents and can understand better by watching their play. This instant bet tell is more reliable when player faces a bets, which makes pot-size to rise immediately. The poker tells is not so as that the raiser will not have the time to analyze and act according to that action and cannot interpret the bet. And he works out for stack size opponents.


  1. Poker tells are very easy to learn rather than to apply

  2. Yeah .. thanks .. when u started poker in real life

  3. So you are quite an experienced person ...