Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Deceiving Your Poker Opponents

A player tends to get into an advantageous position when the aggressiveness is adopted in the later stage. The opponents are not sure about the hand the player holds especially in rounds in which he is not aggressive. Since we do not act based on the cards hitting the board the opponents find it difficult to know our hand. Players may not follow the Poker Rules while they are playing Aggressively.Aggressiveness is inevitable when going for a showdown. The hands that seemed to best in the start of the game fail to hold up at the time of showdown. For instance the hand might be a top on flop, the pair not being very high. The player may fold often in a loose game because of low probability of showdown though he holds the best hand at a particular point of play.I see these kind of people in many live Poker Tournaments.

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