Friday, October 2, 2009

Poker Tells: Good Hands:

As we know the general rule of Poker Tells, if a player is shows like a stong hand, he might be weak, a player acts with weak hand, than it's for sure the player is with strong hand. some of the best Poker Tells are :
Showing Uninterested in a Hand in Table: It's very clear that player is playing with strong hand. Player will not show his excitement with his cards,but opponent player should analyze that he is Excited.
Hands Shaking: while play is in progress, if you observe the players hand are shaking when placing his/her bet, then you should know that the player is with really strong/good hand.
Breathing frequently: Generally players will control their shakes, but it's really hard to control the heart-racing when you come across with pocket aces or with the flop. If you notice the players chest is falling and rising,then player is with excellent hand.