Monday, October 19, 2009

Poker 5 Card Rules

There are no games without rules or guidelines to operate within. It’s indeed imperative that games are regulated to control indiscipline and cheating. Here are some the five card draw game Poker rules .

  1. Players must place a bet to get the game started. This is to say, players ante up to the game.
  2. The players are issued or dealt with fine cards by the game moderator or the game dealer. The cards have to face down to deny players seeing each others cards.
  3. Players are given a chance to place their bets; the player immediate on the dealer’s left makes the bet.
  4. The players still in the hand continue to play and those ones with aces can trade further with the fourth cards but he has to show his ace first.
  5. Whenever a player receives another set of cards, betting has to done just like first round.
  6. When betting is finished, the dealer sees who has any cards on his hands and the player who emerges the winner receives the pot.
These are the Poker rules of 5 card poker game.

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