Saturday, October 3, 2009

Online Poker Tell

Are looking for poker tells,then you may find many tells for playing live poker game. Suppose if you are playing online poker, you cannot watch out for opponent’s movements and expressions or any other players around the table, but still here also we can get valuable information. which is called as “Timing Tells” are the most useful and common online/live poker tells. For Every step,your opponent takes some amount of time to make his own decision and according to his he will act.
Here you should notice on “instant bet”, and observe the time taken by the opponent and act accordingly.if he’s taking much time then it might be flop.Generally instant bets are large bets and obviously the large pot.In online poker sites will have buttons which allow automatic increase in pot-size bets. This is first step to be noticed for online poker tells . Can use this information for betting more and can easily increase your win rate and poker bankroll.


  1. Online Poker tells are very easy rather than land based poker tells

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