Friday, October 9, 2009

Poker Tells: Strong means Weak

Players who will play with strong hands, probably you may wrong then, some of them may be weak hands. Poker player will convince that they are playing with string hands instead that they are with weak hands only. So please be sure when you are playing poker online with safe and steady.


Weak Players- 92%

Average Player- 90%

Strong Players- 80%

and below percentages are value per hours

Value Per Hour:

$1 limit- $0.55

$10 limit- $3.20

$100 limit- $11.00

All the Best... will see you soon in Poker tables.

As all we know that Poker Tells will vary for online and land based poker play.Usually in land based poker games people take more time for playing and as well for making a tell. People who are playing for online are more than the land based poker games. This stage has crossed when the Internet came into existence.

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